Monday, September 24, 2012

Mistakes Happen!

Sticky icing is my most dreaded issue with royal icing.  I have only had it happen a few times, but each time is just as dramatic as the last.  I have only had this happen with red, black, and white, and I think it stems to using too much food coloring.  Seeing as I only have this happen at the 11th hour when I need my cookies done immediately and I usually am coloring black icing at 11:30 at night...thus needing to use a ton of color to get the depth, I have concluded this is the issue.  I am sure there are other reasons too, but for me, this seems to be the main culprit.
 So, last week I was way ahead of schedule on an order and looking forward to watching some tv and going to bed early, when I started to notice the extra glossy look that signals there is going to be a problem.  I lightly touched an inconspicious area and it was sticky.  Yep...the sticky icing curse!  It doesn't matter how long you let it sit, they will never fully dry.  I tried holding them up to my heat fan to see if that would help.  It dried them pretty quickly, but it looked very gloppy like I made an impression with a styrofoam cup.  The finish was horrible.
So what did I do?  I would like to say I had a wonderful ephipany to use sanding sugar at this point, but I did not.  Instead I cut out 12 new cookies, baked them, made a new batch of icing, colored it, and then got back to work.  I was still ahead of schedule.  I flooded the black areas first with the new icing and set them over by my heater fan to help them crust.  Would you believe that this new black icing also turned sticky?  It's like a cookie nightmare!  I was not making a whole new batch of cookies at this point, so my creative side came out.  Lesson learned, sticky icing is great time to use sanding sugar.  You never know when the sticky icing curse could strike, so remember to keep this one in your arsenal!  I really liked the whole look it gave these cookies and would put the sanding sugar there again next time I make them.
The only places that didn't dry are the places with sanding sugar.  The piping dried perfectly fine for some reason.

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  1. Great solution to a very frustrating problem. Probably why I stick with my MP Buttercream. I'm afraid of RI!!! But I think sanding sugar also adds texture and interest to a cookie design and you have certainly proved that out on these. They are darling! Blessings, Donna B.


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