Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Custom Cookie Cutters from Plastics in Print

If you are in to cookie decorating, then you will or already have had a specific cookie that you want to make and no cookie cutter.  No matter how many cookie cutters you accumulate, you will never have every single shape.  This is when templates, hand cutting, franken-cutting (morphing multiple shapes together), or making your own cutter comes into play.  These are all really good methods to get to the end product you are looking for, but if you are anything like me you hate resorting to these methods.  They are perfectly fine if you only have a couple cookies in that shape that need to be cut, or if you have plenty of patience with cutting dough by hand (I do not).  Making your own cutter is also a good option, but I haven't tried it because it seems like a lot of work (and money even if you don't buy a kit)...and I just want to get to making cookies!  So, for a variety of reasons, I just prefer to buy cookie cutters in the shapes I need (or as close to as possible so I can do minor tweaks).  I certainly don't advocate buying every single shape out there since you would run out of money and room before you got them all, but when you have a shape that would be complicated to cut out my hand and you can see yourself using it more than once, a custom cutter is the way to go in my opinion.  The only problem up to now has been where do you go without paying an arm and a leg?
Enter Patrick of Plastics in Print.  He is literally the coolest person around because he can make any cookie cutter you can dream of and he is very reasonably priced.  The angels are singing and my bank account (and husband) are groaning! You mean to tell me if I draw something or find a picture of something I want, I can have a cutter made into it?  YES YOU CAN!  Isn't that exciting!?!

He also makes presses, which are amazing because they simplify the decorating process so much!  You can simply make an impression into the dough and then you only need to follow the lines when you decorate!  This is great for those without a Kopykake, a beginnner, or for when you need to make a lot of one design!

My experience with Patrick started with Sugarbelle's recent post about giraffe cookies.  I was smitten with the cute cutter.  Couple that with the fact that it is hard to find and I had to have it right then and there.  Is anyone else like that?  Tell me I can't have a cutter, and I want it that much more!  I went straight to the Cookiers R Us forum and posted that I needed the cutter.  I was met with info on it (it was unavailable) and the suggestion to try Patrick for getting it custom made.  I emailed him immediately, and had a proof of the cutter within a couple days.  The best part? The cutter was under $10 and made of extremely rugged plastic.  This isn't the stuff that big W brand uses. 
Yay! I have a giraffe or a reindeer!  You can get this cutter in his etsy shop

Fast forward a couple weeks and I am dreaming of every cutter I could possibly want.  I am in the process of getting about 7 more cutters from him and I cannot wait to get them! So if you are wanting a great quality custom cutter made, email Patrick and see what he can do! You can contact him on Facebook (his email is on there) or you can shop what he has already designed on Etsy


  1. I love your term "Franken-cutting"! Too cute! You know, your frame on your header to this page would make a neat plaque cookie cutter! (wink)
    Blessings, Donna B.

  2. "Franken-cutting" jumped out at me too! Love that!

    I hadn't seen the rainbow cutter! Can't wait to see what Patrick's making for you.

    I have yet to place an order. I keep waiting to see what else he'll come up with.

  3. Patrick is the best! I have 4 of his cutters and presses... they're so well made! His soccer ball press alone has made my cookie -making life way easier!

  4. I love to doodle and draw my own designs. I have been having a fit, trying to figure out how to get the design on the cake of cookie. Not too comfortable with stamps, the red rubber kind. I just sent Patrick an email with some of my designs, to see if he can make them, or not. I'll let you know. This is a good time to be alive in the Cookie Kingdom!


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