Friday, July 6, 2012

Bouquet Cookie

When working on a cookie platter, I try to create a few very detailed cookies to make the platter pop! An ideal platter for me should have a few stand out cookies, a variety of medium sized cookies, and some mini cookies to help prop cookies up and to act as accents.  I also have recently become a big fan of plaque cookies thanks to Maryann, aka Cookie Artisan.  She is my biggest cookie idol and the queen of cookie platters! Take a little (or a lot) of time and go look at her work!
I recently worked on a bridal shower platter for a family friend.  She left the details of the cookies up to me (oh goody!) so I was able to use some extra creativity for this platter.  While planning this platter one of the cookies I knew I wanted to include was a bouquet! I have been smitten with this idea ever since I saw Cookie Crazie's version! I have also seen some other gorgeous ones by Sugarbelle and on google searches.  I knew I needed to make one!  This is the perfect cookie to use as an accent to make a platter pop!  The only problem was I didn't have a cookie cutter! This would have been a problem a few months ago, but Sugarbelle is always encouraging us to think beyond the that is exactly what I did! I hate to hand cut my dough, so I used cutters as much as possible.  I used a daisy cutter from this set (the 2nd smallest) and then cut the stem part with my pizza cutter.  I find that the pizza cutter makes for a more precise cut if your dough isn't cold.  You could also use a rectangle cutter if you had one.  This is what the cookie looked like when I baked it.
Forgive the bad iphone photo, didn't have the blog when I snapped this, so I wasn't worried about creating a tutorial.
This cookie looks very intimidating, but believe me it is so easy since it is made mostly of royal icing accents!  To decorate, you will need the following:
  • green piping icing
  • green flood icing
  • green thick icing (straight out of mixer)
  • white piping icing
  • white flood icing
  • drop flower royal icing accents (I added the pearls when I made them) Tutorial is coming soon!
  • sugar pearls
Unfortunately, when I made these I didn't have a I don't have detailed pictures for each step like the other fabulous bloggers do.  I promise, from here on out, I will do that!
  1. Outline the entire cookie with green piping icing, except for the area you want to be a wrap for the bouquet.  Outline the wrap area in white.  I also added some extra piping to make dimension in the middle of the wrap so it would be more realistic.  You can do this or leave it out.  If you do this, remember to progressively fill these areas. 
  2. This is the way I outlined this cookie.  Gotta love that drawing! :)

  3. When this area has crusted (meaning when it has dried enough to be tacky, but your finger will poke a hole in it), place drop flowers all over the top portion.  Don't try to cover every space because we will do a second layer.  Also go ahead and place sugar pearls on the bouquet wrap. Let all of this dry overnight.
  4. Your cookie is now dry, so we are going to add the finishing touches.  Grab your green piping icing and make dabs of it in the empty spaces.  Add flowers to these areas.  Don't worry if you have some areas that are still a little bare since we are going to add leaves next. 
  5. With your thick green icing and a leaf tip, add leaves all of the bouquet to fill in the empty spaces.  Now, with your green piping icing add your stems to the bouquet.  I did this in two steps to give the cookie more dimension.  If you choose to do this, let the first layer of stems dry for 10-15 minutes before adding the second set of stems.  Let all of this dry for 6-8 hours and you are done!

Yes, this is a cookie that takes some planning and definitely not good for mass production, but is easy once you have your royal icing accents made!  I try to make royal icing accents every time I have a pretty color leftover.  Even if your icing is at a flood consistency, you can add cornstarch to get it back to the thickness you need.  Cornstarch is great for this because it doesn't add any taste and it thickens with a lot less than powdered sugar!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  It wasn't planned, so it isn't quite as good as I hope my future ones are...but hopefully you understand how to make this cookie!


  1. Dee-lightful! Love these cookies and your color combination, Jennifer! Beautiful and thank you for simplifying this bouquet!
    Blessings, Donna B.


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